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*Please note: this saddle is NEW TO ORDER we do not hold stocks of new saddles and lead times vary depending on brand*

Be ready to fly over any jump with complete freedom to move in this open seat saddle with a low cantle. Feel confident with the comfort and grip of the most supple and durable leather-look, easy-care jump saddle yet. Be bold and personalize your Wintec saddle with a colored stirrup keeper! After a big day of training – simply hose the sweat and dirt off your easy-care saddle! For your horse, we have created super-soft panels which mold in and around their working muscles, hugging their conformation on every stride and freeing them to fly. Order Wintec 500 CC HART Now


HART Technology

The technology that makes up HART has been proven to be transformative for both horse and rider:

  • Protective cushioning: CAIR Cushion System
  • Precision custom fit: EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution
  • Ergonomic flex: Elastiflex Tree
  • Free movement: Performance panel technology
  • Superior rider performance: Comfort seat technology


What makes Wintec saddles one of the easiest saddle brands to care for is the waterproof synthetic leather combined with the grippy suede fabric on some models. These are super low effort to take care of, just wipe clean! You can also purchase synthetic tack cleaner which just gives the synthetic fabric a cleaner end look. Order Wintec 500 CC HART Now

Saddle Fitting

A well-fitting saddle is essential to your horse’s comfort, welfare, and general health. Wintec Saddles featuring the revolutionary EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution offer the highest flexibility for achieving an optimal fit and the ultimate performance for your horse.

It is always best to seek Saddle fitting advice from a professional before purchasing or fitting a Wintec saddle as it is not just as simple as changing the gullet plate width. The saddle may also need some panel adjustment with specific shimming in areas lacking on the topline or shape of the horse. Our saddle fitters love the Wintec saddles due to the variety of models they offer to cover the broad spectrum of horse shapes and sizes. Buy Wintec 500 CC HART Near me

At saddles direct we offer a professional saddle fitting service for new Wintec saddles and used Wintec saddles. Our Wintec trained saddle fitters have all the knowledge of this saddle brand and components needed to enable them a top class Wintec saddle fitting service for you and your horse. To book a saddle fitting for a Wintec saddle follow the link below:

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Black, Brown

Seat Size

16", 16,5", 17", 17,5"

Tree Size

Medium, Medium/Wide, Narrow/Medium, Wide


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