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The idea behind Lucky Dressage Idol was to meet the needs of young riders with a saddle that would provide proper support. And to also ensure them an ideal position in the seat.


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Lucky Dressage Idol D review. 

The idea behind Lucky Dressage Idol was to meet the needs of young riders with a saddle that would provide proper support. And to also ensure them an ideal position in the seat. The flaps are narrower than in the previous version to produce a sleeker appearance.

The saddle is now entirely lined in soft oiled bovine leather to improve comfort, the grip of the rider and, for that reason, to ensure greater safety. Changes to the tree have resulted in a narrower twist that gives riders greater close contact.

This additional touch is especially appreciated by riders with shorter legs. The front rolls can be easily and quickly adjusted thanks to the Velcro fastenings. Therefore, Buy Lucky Dressage Idol New Zealand, Lucky Dressage Idol price, Lucky Dressage Idol review.  Buy Lucky Dressage Idol France, Buy Lucky Dressage Idol Australia.


Setting of Lucky Dressage Idol D

The seat and the skirts are both padded with soft rubber. The panels are shorter to allow more freedom of movement to the horse and are broader, giving the best possible distribution of the rider’s weight. Buy Lucky Dressage Idol Poland, Buy Lucky Dressage Idol Germany.

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The saddle features an attractive keeper in printed painted leather that the young horseman (or woman) can use to attach whatever gadget they may want. Its “V” type girth straps make it a better fit for ponies or round horses. Seat size is 16”. The panels are flocked with Dacron fiber. Thus, Lucky Dressage Idol for sale, Lucky Dressage Idol for sale online, Purchase Lucky Dressage Idol, order Lucky Dressage Idol.


Also available with patent leather castle insert please contact the office to order

An ideal saddle for youngsters that are taking their first steps in dressage. The saddle is extremely versatile for riders: it comes with medium sized, anatomically shaped Velcro blocks that can be adjusted to the ideal position for each individual rider. Its flocked panels with stitching (keilkissen) easily adapt to the different conformations of horses and ponies.


The extra deep seat is now softer thanks to new flocking. The skirts are also padded. All in all, this saddle offers the rider better comfort. The Lucky dressage is only available in a 16” seat. Flap projections standard /+ 2 cm : to allow more room for the rider’s femur between the seat and the knee-rolls. Also available with half flocking or +1cm in the back on request.

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