Leather Bates Adjustable Gullet VSD Saddle


Leather Bates Adjustable Gullet Saddle

Model: VSD

Cair filled panels

Straighter cut flap than the All Purpose and a unique placement of the stirrup which encourages a longer, straighter leg tending towards a Dressage position

Broad bearing area that achieves a large footprint on the horses back with a wide gullet for generous spine clearance

Deeper seat for added security and confidence

Narrow twist for closer contact allowing the rider to sit into the saddle rather than on it

Ergonomic Stirrup Bar enables the roller of the tongue on the buckle to be recessed into the bar and sit flush significantly reducing the bulk under the riders leg

Easy Change Fit Solution

If you require a specific gullet width fitted into the saddle please get in touch before placing an order and if we have the required width in stock we will happily change it FREE of charge!

In Very Good Condition – signs of general wear and marks to flaps from leathers, see pictures


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Flocking is a variable and all our saddles are used, therefore flocking may need some attention in order to fit your horse correctly.

Seat size and width stamps are photographed where possible. All other measurements are approximate and may vary.

Our 3 DAY TRIAL is limited to UK customers only

  • Make: Bates
  • Style: GP, VSD, Dressage, Show, Adjustable gullet
  • Seat size: 17.5
  • Width: Adjustable, N/M, M, M/W, W, XW
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Saddle code: 2301

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