Jumping saddle Equipe EK-GO


٧ E-Carbon saddle tree;
٧ Flat seat;
٧ Double saddle flaps;
٧ Medium knee rolls;
٧ Memory foam-filled panels;
٧ Made according to Selleria Equipe’s high-quality standards.

With every Equipe saddle purchase, you will receive an Equipe saddle care kit and a matching saddle cover for free.

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Jumping saddle Equipe EKGO

The Equipe EK-GO jumping saddle is very comfortable for all riders. The Equipe EK-GO has a semi-deep seat and knee and back rolls. This combination provides optimal stability while jumping a course. The saddle has a seat width of 26 cm. The EK-GO has double saddle flaps.

The panels are filled with memory foam. The memory foam reacts to the horse’s body heat so that it will mold perfectly to the back of the horse. After riding the memory foam will return to its original state. So, you can use the saddle easily on different horses.

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Selleria Equipe products are produced in Italy according to their highest quality and craftsmanship standards. The constant and attentive search for shapes and materials makes their products veritable masterpieces. Due to Selleria Equipe’s attention to detail, these products are designed for an equestrian who demands excellence, high quality, and style.

The EK-GO has three different models.

Equipe EK-GO

The first model is the EK-GO. This is the standard version. This saddle is made from printed buffalo leather. This type of leather is a bit sturdier and because it’s printed it provides more grip.

Equipe EK-GO Grip

The second model is the EK-GO Grip. This model is made from special grip leather. This type of leather provides more stability while riding due to the grip.

Equipe EK-GO Special

The third model is the EK-GO Special. This saddle is made from calfskin leather. This is a soft type of leather. The saddle flaps have beautiful details and white stitching.

E-Carbon collection

This saddle is part of the Equipe E-carbon collection because the saddle tree is made of carbon fiber. Due to the design and materials, the e-carbon saddle tree has a shock-absorbing system. The carbon tree is well-known for its lightweight and sturdy qualities.


Leather care

To keep your saddle in the best shape possible, you need to treat it frequently. Take a look at our leather care products here!
The Equipe saddle care kit contains the following cleaning products:
٧ Soft Clean, for thorough cleaning;
٧ Soft Care, for daily cleaning and conditioning;
٧ Soft Oil, for thorough conditioning;
٧ Soft Grease for conditioning and an amazing shine;
٧ Sheepskin glove to buff everything in.

With every Equipe saddle purchase, you will receive an Equipe saddle care kit and a matching saddle cover for free.



Equipe saddles can be customized. The customization options are:

٧ The size of the saddle flaps can be customized (short, normal, long, extra-long);
٧ Colour stitching;
٧ Coloured endings;

Additional information


Black, Brown, New Market, Red -Brown

Leather Type

Calfskin, Grip, Printed Buffalo

Seat Size

16", 16,5", 17", 17,5", 18"

Tree Size

Medium, Medium/Wide, Narrow/Medium, Wide


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