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Part of the E-Carbon Tree family the Special one Special is a luxury double flap close contact jump saddle.


The Equipe E-Carbon saddle range features a top tier quality fully carbon fibre tree for sustainable durability and light weight. The E-Carbon range in the Equipe saddles are the highest spec saddles Equipe offer, in this saddle range are the following models:

  • Equipe EK-EVO
  • Equipe EK-26
  • Equipe EK-GO
  • Equipe Special One
  • Equipe Viktoria Dressage
  • Equipe Glamour Dressage
  • Equipe Kalifornia Dressage
  • Equipe EK-Class


Equipe Saddles are crafted using top class French and Italian hides. The calfskin is drum-tanned in pure aniline, with only vegetative materials being used in the tanning of the leather. The specially selected hides, which come from environmentally certified tanneries, combine with the meticulous handcrafting, to ensure that every Amerigo saddle becomes a true “Made in Italy” masterpiece.

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To ensure that your Equipe saddle retains its beauty and elasticity, it must be regularly treated with correct leather care products that clean and moisturise the leather without damaging it. These simple procedures create a natural protective barrier, which helps to defend the hide from natural wearing agents such as light and heat that can cause premature ageing.

The girth straps on the Equipe saddles are made from a special leather type that does not require the use of any oil or oil-based products. We also recommend that all girth straps are checked regularly and replaced whenever necessary for your own personal safety.

Equipe have their own line of leather care products which they recommend for use with Equipe saddles to retain their leather guarantee, shop the Amerigo leather care kit here:

What our fitters think:

“Equipe saddles to us are one of our top tier brands, a staple continental style saddle offering a variety of options for horse and rider. The 4 different tree styles including the Theoreme, Emporio, Platinum and E-Carbon give a range of price points making the accessible for more Equipe saddle lovers like us!”

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Black, Brown

Seat Size

16", 16,5", 17", 17,5", 18"

Tree Size

Medium, Medium/Wide, Narrow/Medium, Wide


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