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Albion celebrated the Millennium with the launch of the original K2 range. The exclusive K2 Pony range was launched in 2010, offering pony riders worldwide the same performance advantage as adults. A combination of specialist lightweight leathers with a very narrow twist provides a super close and secure feel for maximum performance.

These lightweight saddles weigh just 5.5kg. The K2 Pony Genesis Dressage was designed with the unique patented Genesis interchangeable saddle tree, allowing saddle fitters worldwide to interchange the tree fitting. Riders, trainers and parents looking for a shallower seat with a supportive leg position, which can be changed for each individual rider, love the K2 Pony Genesis Dressage Saddle. The standard knee roll is small sized, soft and supportive.

Available in Sizes: 16″/16.5″ and N-XW

Colours: Black

Albion K2 Pony Genesis Dressage Features:

Albion Saddles are world renowned for their superior quality and design, they have been on the of the leading driving forces in the saddlery industry since establishing in 1985 out of a desire to pioneer a range of premium saddles. From dressage to jump or general purpose, Albion can provide you with a high-quality, luxurious horse-riding saddles that is both stylish and comfortable.


Albion’s range of dressage saddles are made from the highest-grade English leather and other lavish components that will enhance your horse-riding experience when sat in an Albion saddle. The Albion revelation and revelation red labels can be made to fit for the horse with set knee blocks for the rider, offering a unique level of comfort and fit for both you and your horse.


The Albion Genesis range also Platinum range feature a unique to Albion saddle’s interchangeable gullet width tree. The Genesis and Platinum range of saddles offer widths from N-XW and are changeable by Albion direct and by any trained Albion saddle specialist.

The Genesis and platinum ranges tend to fit flatter in the tree so suit flatter backed horses from the base of the wither to the croup.

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Seat Size

16", 16,5"

Tree Size

Medium, Medium/Wide, Narrow/Medium, Wide


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